Oak square edged – Buy oak sawn timber. Cutting Thickness 20 – 27 – 33 – 40 – 52 – 65 – 80 mm

Correct drying of oak wood before partially edged production

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The production of square-edged oak takes place after the pre-drying of our partially edged oak production. Here the oak wood is already stabilized on the surface by the pre-drying process. This has a positive effect on the stability during production. We protect each layer of oak boards from wind and sun rays. In addition, each package of wood is permanently under roof. Now the gentle drying of the wood begins in a cool and humid climate. This occurs when large quantities of fresh wood are closely stacked. Colour changes during the drying process of oak wood.

Too slow pre-drying can also affect the ink. A great wealth of experience provides the golden mean here. By constantly monitoring the climate, we control the careful drying process for the sensitive oak wood. This gives us the security of a constant wood quality.

Kd 8 – 10 % HF Chamber drying

Modern vacuum drying chambers give us a residual moisture of 8 – 10 %. With optimal storage, our oaks reliably maintain this optimal final moisture. A too low air humidity (≤ 50 % relative humidity) in the production hall can lead to cracking in chamber dried oak, even after the drying process has been completed. Please pay special attention to this.

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