Hundreds of years old, authentic as never before. How attractive upcycling is, is shown by our new assortment oak old wood - " New from old wood". Oak reclaimed wood can be used almost exactly like newly produced wood.

Reclaimed oak wood - Charm and cosiness

In combination with very modern elements of the interior construction the used oak scores with a high level of charm. From this old wood, which before braved the weather and wind in all its forms, nowadays emerge new pieces of furniture, from which come out a specific aesthetic. Furniture in reclaimed OAK is made out of very old oak beams and from weathered wall Panels 80 - 100 mm thick. The wood is mainly sourced from traditional European timbered houses. Very special are also the wine press beams in giant size XXL up to 7 m long, in 45 - 45 cm dimension.

Every furniture made from reclaimed OAK is unique and looks beyond comparison. Creating the robust optics underlined by cracks, holes, knots and a partially uneven surface. The range of colours ranges from originally natural honey of the timber to darkbrown and blackish-brown.

Unique antique wood planks for wood panelling, table tops from old oak wood

Reclaimed, used wood also available as "character table top"! The fascination of contrasts: With this special kind of wood emerge beautiful individual items in extravagant, modern optics. Due to the age and the traces of nature, these pieces of furniture turn into real unicums.

No matter if you need an antique wood planks, boards for your wooden panel, timber facade or wall panelling or if you would like to integrate reclaimed oak for your visible roof construction, for sure you find the very thing for your projects in our timber mill in Bavaria.